Monday, 4 March 2013

Keeping On Top Of Things

I know the jobs I should 'keep on top of' but why do they have to be all the things I don't like doing? I am always advised (by the people who are not doing them) to 'keep on top of' the following -

Dusting, weeding, ironing, cleaning the oven, clearing the clutter, sorting out the pantry, clearing out the unmentionables at the back of the fridge, vacuuming, sweeping and various other annoying chores.

I am not a fastidious housekeeper, no one will ever put on my gravestone 'she kept a spotless home' and I don't care. Don't get me wrong, I love a clean and tidy home but I don't enjoy doing it. I love the results when I do get motivated however they last but a moment and then motivation deserts me.

There are plenty of enjoyable items on my to do list that I am good at 'keeping on top of' -

Reading, hugging my kids, catching up with friends, talking to my family, cuddling the cats, eating, watching the sun go down, feeling the wind in my face, swimming, listening to music and many more............I think I'll stick with 'keeping on top' of those instead.