Domestic Adventures

The Capsule Wardrobe Rules

Get rid of the following -

ill fitting garments

the colour makes you look like you are about to throw up (could be useful when wanting to leave work early though so may be worth keeping for emergencies)

it would look great on your mother, grandmother, great aunt etc

garment is perfect with 1 other item and a dogs dinner with everything else

anything that requires more than the purchase price in stain removers and/or mending/tailoring

is so tatty you threw it into the ragbag by mistake - it is not a mistake, leave it there!

Get rid of the following at your peril -

old favourites that have sentimental value - bag them and don't wear them but keep them for memory lane trips and comforters

anything that makes you feel sexy/empowered/in control even if the garment breaks all the rules - just wear it around home if it isn't fit for public viewing, it will do you the world of good

vintage items - you know they will come into fashion again

costumes/fancy dress - once you give them away that invite you have been waiting years for will come, you know it will.

(Cheats) Preserving Adventures

Easy freezing of tomatoes. Don't mess about with bottling, making sauces etc just wash them, bag them and put them in the freezer.

Easy preserving of beetroot. Pluck from the ground - I love root vegetables that pop out of the ground obligingly without the need for a spade. Trim stalks (throw to chickens) and roots, wash then boil until tender.Don the rubber gloves (the only job I use mine for) and rub skin off. Slice - I use the slicing side of the grater, still wearing the gloves of course. Make the preserving liquid - I use malt vinegar and sugar, about 2 tablespoons of sugar to a cup of vinegar (I am very haphazard about this but I have never had it go bad). Heat vinegar and sugar together until the sugar is dissolved, cool. I do this bit in the microwave, stirring in between bursts - I think I can hear all the purists out there groaning. Put beetroot and liquid in a stain proof plastic box and put in the fridge.

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